New Jersey Roads - Salem CR 658

Salem CR 658

The southern half of CR 658 is useless as a through route. It crosses CR 623, swings out east toward Maskell's Millpond, then swings back south to meet CR 623 once more and end at this sign.

CR 658 SB - or is that EB? turns east across Silver Lake Meadow, then swings slightly south at Cuff Rd. That dual-headed arrow really isn't helpful to give you that information. This is the only truly east-west part of the route, so it shouldn't change direction.

What's going on here? As CR 658 SB leaves Hancock's Bridge and starts to approach that left turn at Alloway Creek Neck Rd., it widens out with a center striped median and gains a right-turn lane. So it's getting wider, but not quite like pictured. I don't think roads can do what's pictured.

The community of Hancock's Bridge (or Hancocks, but thats just silly, isnt it?) is so named because the guy who built this house also built a bridge here. It's been more than 300 years of being able to access southern Salem County thanks to John Hancock (not the signature guy); the bridge came in 1708 and the house dates to 1734.

A pair of county route ends, CR 624 EB and CR 650 WB.

Unusual, but genuine nonetheless, SB at CR 624.

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