New Jersey Roads - Union CR 651

Union CR 651

Double red lights are more common, to make you notice you should stop - maybe drivers on Morris Ave. NB in Summit have a hard time getting going sometimes?

Kent Place Blvd. WB at Morris Ave./CR 651.

CR 651 switches to Chatham Rd., here SB at River Rd./CR 649.

The Passaic River forms the Morris/Union County boundary at the north end of CR 651. Ahead, Summit Ave. is just a town road. You can see the bridge plaque is for Union County in 1916.

Heading south from Chatham (Summit Ave.) to Summit (Chatham Rd.). See what they did there?

Out of my car, walking north along the east side and crossing under to the west side of the span.

Wait a minute, what's all this? Yeah, the bridge is evenly divided between counties, so they must have both paid half and therefore each gotten a plaque. At least they used the same contractor. That could have been problematic.

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