New Jersey Roads - Somerset CR 651/Former Spur 527

Somerset CR 651, former Spur CR 527

All photos were taken northbound until the last.

Please melt this and/or my eyes.

These photos are south of CR 527, the part of the route that's always been CR 651 (or at least, never been Spur 527).

CR 638 EB, the short eastern end of Washington Valley Rd., courtesy Greg Pniewski.

Now at and across the one-time parent route. What a neglectful parent, letting its spur children die! How awful to subject CR 651 to Clearview lettering, adding insult to injury!

Two junctions; the first one is awkward because the junction assembly was dropped onto a milemarker assembly, and those happen to have little shields above them in Somerset County. Because removing the CR 651 shield doesn't necessarily make this any clearer, Somerset Co. should separate the signs a bit more from each other. The second is in the median.

Have a SB sign north of I-78.

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