New Jersey Roads - Gloucester CR 650

Gloucester CR 650

CR 650 is a very short route in Woodbury, only occupying part of S. Evergreen Ave. But in that time it manages to spawn CR 649 northward on Barber Ave.

North and south under the rail trestle just east of CR 649. It's really more of an east-west route, but since Evergreen Ave. is north-south, sure, why not. And that sign design? Sure, why not. But if you followed the MUTCD standards, the inches symbol would fit.

NB at the east end of the road, if I may. S. Evergreen Ave. continues on with CR 553 NB, while it heads south on Glassboro Rd. The first shield is just to enter the circle, while the second shield assembly has south ahead and north by way of circling.

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