New Jersey Roads - Essex CR 646/Park Av.

Essex CR 646 and Park Avenue, Nutley

WB at and past NJ 7, featuring the only CR 646 photo on this page (it only runs from River Rd. to 7). I'm not sure where the Parkway shield comes in, since it's probably easier to follow 7 north to NJ 3 than south to... I-280? CR 506?

Westbound across the Passaic River on the Park Ave. or Avondale Bridge from Lyndhurst.

Park Ave. EB just over the Passaic River at CR 507, where it turns into Kingsland Ave. (there are a few Kingslands all vaguely near each other, for confusion's sake). From the tunnel signs you can tell this is halfway between NJ 7 and NJ 3. I added a second set of photos taken several years later (2013, the first photo was around 2005-2006) to demonstrate aging.

Closing with southward photos of the Park Ave. Bridge.

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