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Atlantic CR 646 (Delilah Road)

WB at English Creek Ave., courtesy Scott Colbert.

The weirdness of SJTA's signs rubs off on Delilah Rd. WB as it crosses the highway between Atlantic City Expwy. WB and EB ramps. The first sign is trying to depict the ramp configuration but turns it into a muddled mess. It's just a regular divided road coming in, no odd angles or merges. As for the second sign, it does show something resembling a divided road, but since you can't turn into the offramp and it's all part of the same road, one leg to the right would be just fine. The two left legs are fine, although there are no WB turns in or out of the second one, so it's really unnecessary. But a sign with one leg on either side would be boring and I wouldn't have take a photo.

EB approaching the newly reconfigured Airport Circle, where Delilah Rd. now punches through the middle but CR 563 still goes around the outside. This was a chance to make signs look more normal, but Atlantic County went with "let's see how many standards we can continue to violate." Lack of border, multiple routes in one shield, direction on a backplate, let's start there.

Head back to 2006, and drive around the circle when CR 646 still used it. The worst of these signs, namely the biggest green ones, are still in use around the circle for CR 563. Talk about missed opportunities.

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