New Jersey Roads/Non-Roads - Salem CR 645/Parvin Lake

Salem CR 645 and Parvin Lake

I'm starting at the north end of CR 645 to get it out of the way and move on to Parvin Lake. These signs are on CR 638, Jesse Bridge Rd., northbound as it ends at 645.

The last signs you'll see on the page, looking north from the top of the lake and southbound alongside it. The brown speed limit sign goes nicely with other Parvin State Park signs, but it's unenforceable.

Southbound across Muddy Run, the outflow from the lake, with the dam on the west side of the bridge.

Northward photos of the bridge. Interestingly, Salem County built the bridge with a pavilion along the lake, as if to encourage recreation.

One finds the lake by looking west.

One finds the butterfly by arriving at the height of summer and being very patient until it alights on a twig or leaf.

One finds the footbridge by looking toward the northeastern corner of the lake and the narrow arm that snakes along Parvin Mill Rd. (CR 645).

Looking north at the cul-de-sac of that arm from the footbridge, and then south as the algal growth breaks up into open water.

The insects were sure out and about that day, as I caught a dragonfly up in that neck of the woods. It was so patient, I was able to zoom in and capture its compound eyes!

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