New Jersey Roads - Camden CR 644

Camden CR 644, Grove St.-Haddonfield Rd.

Let's just get out of the way that you won't possibly see any better signs on this page than the first one at the SB end of CR 644. Now that you're prepared for disappointment, know that the sign should be removed, as CR 573 has been supplanted by NJ 41 through Haddonfield. I won't tell if you don't.

Some of the ugly, awful overhead signs Camden is wont to install. Be warned, there are more to come.

Heading north across Cooper River in Haddonfield.

SB on the same bridge, with the same plaque as the NB side.

SB by Cherry Hill Mall, where you learn the real symbol for No U-Turn. I warned you there'd be more ugly overhead signs.

Haddonfield Rd. SB showing off its old construction soon after it begins.

CR 644 NB ends in the midst of this multi-route interchange. Because NJ 90 is relatively new, no old LGS's exist for the Betsy Ross Bridge.

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