New Jersey Roads - Warren CR 643

Warren CR 643

Ethel Hoppock Middle School is in Bethel Twp. So why don't they call it Bethel Hoppock? The name above the door started out as Bethel Twp. Grade School. I guess they decided Bethel School became Ethel School easily enough.

CR 643 follows Old Main St. south out of town onto Asbury-West Portal Rd. West Portal is a place name (after the west portal of the Pattenburg Tunnel), but this underpass sure looks like a portal.

CR 632 WB meets CR 643 SB in Asbury and leaves in half a block. Nice to have known you. Someone tell Warren County Interstate shields don't have gold to match those arrows.

CR 643 north from that point. Put the county shield above the "TO 57" and it works.

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