New Jersey Roads - Hunterdon CR 639/Cokesbury Rd.

Hunterdon CR 639, Cokesbury Rd.

These photos head west on Cokesbury Rd. from Cokesbury, a tiny hamlet on the border between Clinton and Tewksbury. Since the miles count up from Lebanon, I'll call this CR 639 NB. The first bridge is an unnamed tributary to Beaver Brook, which flows under the longer second bridge.

CR 639 SB crosses a drainage depression at Water St. in the heart of Cokesbury.

With the brook right there, Water St. also crosses it within a few feet. These are the north and south sides of that bridge, which is on the Tewksbury side of the border that follows CR 639 here.

Heading downhill toward Lebanon, with Round Valley Reservoir in the distance.

Examine the scenario: both signs were part of the same photo at Prostak Ln. (The examination went poorly.)

CR 639 ends at US 22, with what else but another bridge. This is the south parapet of US 22 across South Branch Rockaway Creek, which Cokesbury Rd. (now town maintained) crosses in a few feet on its own bridge. Being so close to the intersection, that road lucked out and got an NJDOT bridge in the deal.

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