New Jersey Roads - Mercer CR 638

Mercer CR 638

Clarksville Rd. WB, second photo courtesy Lou Corsaro. The first photo is at Mill Rd. and ought to say "TO" - and ought to remember the 526. Mill Rd. used to be a better way to CR 526 SB and CR 571 EB, but it has been cut off into a forced right turn that eliminates that benefit.

EB across Bear Brook just before CR 638 ends. The plaque is at the northwest corner of the bridge.

Looking east across Grovers Mill Pond.

NB and SB sides of the CR 615 junction sign. Except this is the end of CR 638, so no one is there to see the SB sign. It sort of serves CR 615 traffic in either direction, a holdover from early signing practices, but signs should all face the direction of traffic they serve.

In the background of that photo is the "CR 615 ↔" assembly. Once again, the most interesting face is the SB one no one's looking at, because the arrow is recycled from a Mercer County shield. 518 and 618 are both possible, but the former is much more likely; I've only ever seen that type of square shield for a 5xx route.

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