New Jersey Roads - Morris CR 637

Above: courtesy Greg Pniewski.

Troy Hills Rd. NB and SB at Highland Ave. The sign and signal are old, the lenses are new.

Bee Meadow Pkwy. WB heading away from CR 637.

S. Beverwyck Rd. NB at Reynolds Ave., with the green sign pointing toward the continuation of Beverwyck and 637. Second photo courtesy Greg Pniewski.

One more from Greg, facing north at a repurposed SB sign near Troy Meadow Rd.

During reconstruction of I-80, these SB signs were creatively modified, hopefully not by a contractor obligated to be competent.

N. Beverwyck Rd. SB at US 46. CR 637 begins across 46; N. Beverwyck is just a town road.

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