New Jersey Roads - Burlington Spur CR 636

Burlington Spur CR 636, Hovtech Blvd.

CR 635 NB gives so much fanfare to this tiny route, it almost spends more time announcing it than one would take to drive it. I think the county built this road to generate economic development and then was stuck naming it, and picked an adjacent route rather than waste a number.

The unlikely sign at the other end, from CR 636 EB. So here's the deal. CR 636 only just began at CR 635 (Ark Rd.) NB, which just came from 38, so there was no reason to turn onto 636 in the first place for that or to even make it up this far. Furthermore, at this point, you're better off continuing straight on CR 636/Fostertown Rd. to the next signal on 38 if you want to continue east. This is here because the western end of CR 636 is forced to turn right onto 635 North, away from NJ 38, so instead traffic from the one driveway west of this point is directed around to the right and onto Hovtech Blvd. Good for you if you're working at the massive economic generator known as... Extra Space Storage? Wait, so this whole lot is empty space with walls? I want my money back just for taking the time to type this caption, because this sign should not be here.

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