New Jersey Roads - Passaic CR 635

Passaic , Browertown Rd.
See, if the shields were made correctly, I wouldn't have had to specify Passaic.

Long Hill Rd. at Browertown Rd. (where Long Hill becomes Main St. in Little Falls). Long Hill/Main are part of original US 46, but I believe 46 moved onto its current alignment (as a two-lane road) before this sign was erected. This sign is in pretty bad condition even given its age, but you can click for closeup if you need to see it better. You can barely see the arrow pointing right on Browertown, and to make matters worse, it's turned about 60 degrees to serve absolutely no one (except maybe to mislead CVS driveway traffic).

SB in West Paterson.

NB at Mt. Pleasant Ave. I can't forgive old signs for being wrong - this should be turned 180 degrees to be down arrows.

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