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, Essex CR 634

These signs are both gone now; only the posts remain. The first was located where Laurel Avenue bends left at McClellan Road (Laurel follows what looks more like a continuation of McClellan for one more block and ends at Mt. Pleasant Avenue aka NJ 10). The second was at the latter end of Laurel Avenue, pointing traffic down it from 10 well before Shrewsbury Drive (consecutively numbered CR 635) existed just one block to the east toward the top of the hill. These signs have to be from the 1930's, and are similar to many other signs found around Essex County, and indeed are not too different from old state signage such as on NJ 15 at US 46. Notice the round ESSEX COUNTY HIGHWAY SYSTEMs, two of the last signs of their kind - there are still some square directional signs in scattered places, but those will probably be gone once someone in the know sees them on this site.

Nondescript bridge over a nondescript creek, but it's original to the county road system. The Stop Ahead sign is also quite old, but it just never seems to show its age in a way I can appreciate.

Another one just to the east.

This NB shield was original to the construction of I-280 in 1970, but is sadly gone now.

Now southbound, the sign in the second photo was definitely also original to I-280, while the one in the first photo appears to have been a replacement - but someone took out the Garden State Parkway shield for the KEEP RIGHT, leaving a uniquely colored arrow. All of these signs are also gone now.

The replacement for the sign in the second photo above at least still has a state-name shield.

The end of Laurel Avenue at CR 611, with a typical older Essex County LGS.

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