New Jersey Roads - Morris CR 608/632

Ridgedale Ave.

Ridgedale Ave. changes from CR 608 to CR 632 at Columbia Turnpike (CR 510) for a reason better than can be figured out. Or maybe there is no reason. The photos above are on Brooklake Rd. westbound (one block south of 510) and James St. EB (one block north of 510).

The beginning of CR 608 splits from Ridgedale Ave. and heads down Central Ave. to NJ 124 in Madison.

Old shields and old sign, northbound on CR 608. Unfortunately, after the JCT assembly drivers don't get to know which route is in which direction.

Still northbound on Ridgedale Ave., across Columbia Tpk. and onto this route now.

Southbound on CR 632, drivers do get the information that had been missing northbound on 608.

Hanover Ave. southbound where it ends at Brooklake Ave., one block southeast of where Ridgedale Ave. meets Columbia Tpk. and CR 608 ends at CR 510. Hanover Ave. is CR 609 north of 510, and traffic heading either south on Hanover or west on 510 would come to this sign as a way to get to Ridgedale Ave. SB. Hanover Ave. traffic could also use James St. WB for a block, and indeed Hanover/609 NB to James WB is the signed route from CR 510 WB to get to CR 608 SB. It's strange that the signed route to 608 would be a jughandle when traffic can just make a left directly onto Hanover Ave. and save a few minutes.

North of all that on CR 632, just an embossed street sign.

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