New Jersey Roads - Passaic CR 631

Passaic CR 631, Main St./Long Hill Rd. in Little Falls

WB at Union Ave., which quickly becomes Union Blvd. to the north. Original US 46 used Main St. to the west of this point and then turned north toward Paterson. The modern alignment was originally built as a two-lane road until this point, then gradually extended into Clifton until it eventually made it all the way around Paterson.

This nondescript embankment launches a couple of utility pipes over the Passaic River in Little Falls, nothing of interest really, unless you starting thinking about why there would be an embankment just for that. Then you look at aerials and see a sort of path that crosses the river and heads northwest. Then you start looking at historical information... So it turns out that this nondescript embankment, accessible only through the back parking lot of an apartment complex, is the original route of the Morris Canal. I'm facing north, upstream toward Morris County.

EB at Center Ave., somehow much different than the WB one above.

Main St. switches over to Long Hill Rd. at Browertown Rd., and that's exactly where you'll find this WB sign. It's in pretty bad condition even given its age, but you can click for closeup if you need to see it better. You can barely see the arrow pointing right on Browertown, and to make matters worse, it's turned about 60 degrees to serve absolutely no one (except maybe to mislead CVS driveway traffic).

On Long Hill Road WB, which turns twice at Ridge and Notch Roads. Very old signs used an arrow to indicate the through route, but the one at Ridge Rd. is quite new. The TO at Notch Rd. should just be white on green.

Long Hill Road WB, just after leaving Montclair's Upper Mountain Rd. NB (CR 620, because the 631s match up at the other end of Main St.). Clove Road branches to the right in a narrow Y on its way to US 46. It's not that this sign is a bus stop converted from a school bus stop, but rather that it was a school sign converted to be a school bus stop sign via stenciling.

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