New Jersey Roads - Bergen CR 63

Pascack Rd.

Plenty of old white squares on this road, including ones that go against NJDOT's conception of Bergen County's route numbering. CR 6 is Oradell Ave., also known as CR 80. The CR 80/6 problem is repeated after Oradell Ave. becomes Ridgewood Ave. to the west, at CR 507. These are both northbound.

Still NB, at the Washington town line.

CR 110 EB joins CR 63 for a short duplex to Ridgewood Rd., which has nothing to do with the Ridgewood Ave. that becomes Oradell Ave.

Now southbound (I was heading north when I took the first photo, too), first at CR 502 and then at Ridgewood Rd./CR 110.

Northbound at CR 502, a curious old style of Bergen County traffic light with round instead of rectangular lens assemblies.

Look familiar? Well it's really the other side of the town, southbound, and now you get a different form of interesting town sign to go along with it. The 2 and 5 aren't quite up to snuff, but I prefer their style to the bland usual. (Same with the 6 and the 3.)

Past the northbound shield atop this page, and turned around southbound at the northern end of the route. I used to have Doug Kerr's version of this photo on my Bergen County page, but bit by bit, I'm making the county mine!

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