New Jersey Roads - Passaic CR 624

Passaic CR 624

NJ 3 is being widened for a complete overhaul of the Passaic River bridge and the stretch through Rutherford. This photo looks northwest from Myrtle Ave.

Just after the northern half of the route begins in downtown Passaic, I look east at Jackson St. and west at Van Buren St.

This NB overpass speaks to just how old the US 46 freeway through eastern Clifton is.

The same overpass SB, with a closeup of the decorative tile.

CR 624/Lakeview Ave. SB, just after it begins, at one of the only unsignalized two-lane left turns in the state, then at the bottom of the ramp. This sign is appropriate for RAMP or EXIT, but a CURVE sign should be pictorial.

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