New Jersey Roads - Salem CR 623

SB on my way from CR 658 and the shield at top to Cumberland County.

A 1930s AAA sign remains northbound at CR 658, but something weird took its place SB, both courtesy Barry Caselli.

More good stuff SB (bottom sign) at the corner of Cuff Rd. (WB, top sign)., also from Barry.

SB from CR 650 on a closed road. It's only the bridge that really needed to be closed, but there's nothing else on this stretch. Photos were taken in early 2011, and as of the end of 2014, nothing has been done here at Alloway/Alloways Creek (Alloways is the old spelling still in place for most features in the area, but the "s" has somehow dropped from the river name).

Two symptoms of why the bridge was closed.

As if I were driving southbound across the creek. Salem Co. has no reason to fix the road until the bridge is replaced. With volumes so low, they're in no hurry.

Looking west and east along Alloway Creek.

Facing back north.

Various eastward views of the bridge from the north shore of the creek, showing that it functioned as a swing bridge once upon a time.

Finally released from the spell of the bridge, I continue north on CR 623, but can't resist a look back south from 650 at the Bridge in the Rye once I turn east.

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