New Jersey Roads - Cumberland CR 623

Cumberland CR 623

SB within the last mile of the route.

This sign stands across from the west end of Sheppards Mill Rd. (CR 650) in the community of Othello, part of Greenwich Twp. Head of Greenwich was its old name, it being the first community approached from the north. I bet CR 623 wasn't called Ye Greate Street back then, in no small part because that's a bastardization of colonial spelling.

SB over Pine Mount Creek, ending with a photo of the NB parapet.

The west side of the Denn Branch bridge, indeterminately old. Is there any pattern to Cumberland's bridge designations?

And the east side. 1922? 1962? Is that even a 2?

Top and bottom of an assembly at the western end of Sandwash Rd.

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