New Jersey Roads - Warren CR 621

County road? This is almost more railroad than road, yet still officially CR 621, north out of Phillipsburg.

You could believe this is part of the same road, but it's actually Goat Farm Rd. heading west from CR 621 under that same parallel railroad.

Looking northwest across the Delaware from there.

Back east to CR 621, which is crossing some sort of minor waterway at the intersection.

River Rd. ends at Brainards Rd. but CR 621 continues past the small community of Brainards. The SB shield is across from the first (NB) one.

Technically, Broad St. west of that junction is CR 621 Spur for its short ride through town until it crosses the railroad and dies out.

Railroad Ave. NB and Broad St. WB at each other on the east side of the tracks. That means these signs don't face each other. I get not parking on the railroad, not sure why you can't park along Railroad Ave., but hopefully there are other signs with right-pointing arrows to complement these.

That's all, folks.

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