New Jersey Roads - Bergen CR 62

Bergen CR 62

Linden St. SB at Passaic St. in Hackensack courtesy Greg Pniewski. This is the only Parkway shield I've seen without a square arrow, so this one may date to the 1950s! I have no other way to reckon its origin, since it's clearly not a county job (being in the correct colors). The Parkway shield design has never changed, too.

SB along Passaic St. to the end of the road, also courtesy Greg Pniewski. Click on the second photo for my closeup.

While I'm down in Hackensack, here are two old generations of street signs, the first (SB) likely older than the second (SB and NB, respectively).

Looking north along Main St. and then what's now a community college on the south side, but was once Arnold... Consias? Constas? Something.

Heading NB (west) once again, this residential building is on the northwest corner of Passaic St. and State St.

Not an old storm grate, but an unusual one, at the southeast corner of Union St. (CR 60's western end).

NB (or Passaic St. WB) trailblazers of similar age to the CR 62 shield - 1960's, most likely - second photo courtesy Greg Pniewski.

Later on, Passaic St. does still become Paramus Rd., and takes CR 62 with it. This is the road that links NJ 208 and the Garden State Parkway.

Still on Passaic St. WB, still technically NB on CR 62, at the original NJ 17 overpass that dates to the 1930's. The overhead sign probably dates to the 1950's. You can click for a closeup showing a political sticker that dates to the 1990's. And pretty soon, this will all be gone when NJ 17 is widened to three lanes in each direction to remove a bottleneck from Essex St. (CR 56/12) to Garden State Plaza. And if I stay on top of things and play my cards right, maybe this sign can be mine. Oh, who am I kidding.

The first sign heading SB from the northern discontinuous end of CR 62. At one point it was continuous, but NJ 17 was built right on top of Franklin Tpk. CR 62 turned from Paramus Rd. onto Franklin Tpk. to end at CR 507 where it joins Franklin Tpk. at the Maple Ave. intersection (just behind this photo). Franklin Tpk. was original NJ 17, so it's hard to blame the state highway for taking it over, but Bergen County should not have left two pieces of CR 62 separated by a short distance but utterly disconnected. Anyway, as you see on this page, each section has at least one CR 62 shield.

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