New Jersey Roads - CR 615

CR 615

Kuhn Rd. EB at the northern end of NPS 615 and the southern end of CR 615, at the boundary of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. What the signs don't tell you is that Dingmans is a sharper left on Walpack Rd., while the others are a shallower left on Bevans Rd./615.

Continuing northbound until I'm not allowed to. An old bridge on CR 615 washed away on Ennis Rd., and all traffic is now diverted onto CR 640, which stays on Bevans Rd. up to CR 560. The detour adds over two miles, so despite the low traffic volumes, I wish Sussex would have replaced the bridge instead of closing the road.

Walking east on Ennis Rd. (CR 615 "northbound," and I really question why it wasn't designated east-west) until I get to Little Flat Brook.

The ruins of the western bridge abutment, and looking east at the rest of Ennis Rd.

Walking back west to our cars to conclude the Delaware Valley Road Meet.

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