New Jersey Roads - Cumberland CR 615

, West/East Boulevards

West Blvd. NB at Parvin Branch, looking across the railroad at East Blvd. For no good reason, only West Blvd. is a county road here south of CR 540, even when West and East soon become a one-way pair. CR 615 has no northbound direction for several blocks until it finally starts up at 540, and then the roads go back to two-way, leaving a pair of parallel 615s. East Blvd. finally ends at Weymouth Rd., and just one 615 carries forth to Gloucester County.

Forced across the tracks to the city road before I get to the tree streets (next is Walnut). The sign can't say "North CR 615" because I'm not on it anymore.

I didn't realize at the time why I was visiting CR 615, but now I know. The tree streets, in 2011, held these assorted rustic treasures facing west from East Blvd. across the median railroad. (As of 2014, they are all lamentably gone.) Trees, in order: Chestnut, Quince, Almond... then it falls apart with two signs on Montrose and one on Elmer before pulling itself back together with the last photo on Plum St. Quince St. no longer goes through the median, and both Elmer and Plum are one-way eastbound. There were no interesting crossbucks on Walnut Rd. (the south end of the one-way pair), Cherry St., Grape, Pear, or Peach. Farther north are Laurel and Birch with no crossings, and Oak Rd. (CR 681) with nothing of interest. Furthering the theme as I get toward Gloucester Co. are Forest Grove Rd., Linden St. (though possibly named after the city), Old Forest Rd., and Arbor Ave.

SB and looking east at the non-tree crossings, Elmer St. and the same two crossbucks at Montrose St. from the other side.

Things get really awkward once both West and East Blvds. are two-way county-maintained streets. East Blvd. seems to think it should be a mirror image of West. West Blvd. feels like it's the main route, but isn't sure enough to commit to a "15".

Wheat Rd. (CR 619) decides that the way to keep track of them is to use their internal designations. West Blvd. is 615S and East Blvd. is 615N, and that works for where they're a one-way pair, but it falls apart when you can make a right to head south on "N". They really should be 615W and 615E, they really should both end at CR 552, and 615W should turn into regular 615 north of Weymouth Rd.

NB from Pine Branch on West Blvd. "You got a golf ball in my custard!" "Well, you got custard all over my golf ball!" "..." "...yes!"

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