New Jersey Roads - Mercer/Middlesex CR 615

CR 615 WB ends here, as does Cranbury Rd., becoming Wallace Rd. across NJ 64. You may also know 64 as CR 526/CR 571, because that's how every sign other than the signal overhead shows it, and 64 only exists while piggybacked on those two routes across the Northeast Corridor. It doesn't even make it to another state highway, with US 1 right there. It had once been planned for that, along with an eastward routing to Hightstown.

CR 615 EB bears left toward Cranbury at Clarksville Rd., just east of Millstone Rd. (seen SB in the top left photo), courtesy Lou Corsaro.

The front and back of the eastbound signs at CR 535, where CR 615 jogs left for a block. These were state-erected before 1937, when US 130 used Hightstown Road/Main St. through the heart of Cranbury.

Now the westbound one a block north. To see the other signs on these poles, visit CR 535, linked at the bottom of this page.

NB and SB at US 130. The SB sign is actually new, so I don't pity it for being knocked over, and hopefully it's replaced with the old one again. Hey, I can dream.

Older RR sign northbound at CR 522 - visit the 522 page linked below for an even older one at the same intersection.

Now SB at CR 522 in Jamesburg, with a pair of quick turns to go from Lincoln Ave. to Half Acre Road while crossing railroad tracks and navigating a spidery 6-leg intersection.

CR 615 turns left north of downtown Jamesburg, courtesy Lou Corsaro. I guess the outer digits were replaced, leaving the middle digit to stand out like the middle finger of a New Yorker you just insulted. (I like that joke so much, it survived being transferred to a new page.)

NB on CR 613/615, yes, a duplex, which should be signed as such. Spotswood should use a standard sign, too, one that's legible.

NB at NJ 18 South, courtesy Lou Corsaro. Just across the bridge is the interchange for the two routes pictured here. CR 527 leaves 18 at the interchange right here and jogs along CR 615 back to its alignment - obviously it once crossed its own, older bridge, back when 18 used the original Old Bridge Turnpike and there was no 527. I just contradicted myself, yes.

Again courtesy Lou Corsaro, NB in Madison, which was the original name of Old Bridge until it realized New Jersey already has a Madison. That said Madison Park Rescue Squad, and it's after CR 615 joins the original Bordentown-Amboy Turnpike (which exists in a number of pieces, but does make it from South Amboy all the way down to Bordentown).

NB at US, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

NB at S. Pine Ave., although there's another block before the actual end of the route. By the way, the route in the previous caption was 9, if you didn't know. Not gonna leave you hanging.

Same intersection, S. Pine Ave. SB at Bordentown Ave. (CR 615). North of here, South Pine wasn't anything special, but it carried NJ 35 to the south, hence the 1930's LWSs (and there are plenty more:).

On the northeast corner of the intersection, the sign taking NJ 35 from Bordentown Ave. WB onto Pine Ave. SB, and then a very rare arrow sign for 35 NB traffic to follow what is now CR 615 to Old Bridge. The only other arrow sign I've seen was on CR 527 in Summit (the patch was for the original SHR number, 29), and that has since been replaced.

East one block to Stevens Ave., where CR 615 ends and NJ 35 once turned left from Bordentown Ave. EB to head up to Main St. (and then turned again toward the Victory Circle on Main). The first sign was the through LWS for NJ 35 on Stevens Ave. SB, while the second sign was for Bordentown Ave. WB from downtown South Amboy. Every single old white sign in the town is gone now, and I know it's my fault for showing them to you. But if I never told anyone, would it be any better?

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