New Jersey Roads - Middlesex CR 614

All WB, all signs that are wrong. The first two are on Dey Rd. in Plainsboro, approaching the road in the box (CR 614); the bike symbol should be on a rectangle instead of a diamond, and the box should either be white on green or a small rectangle below a diamond warning sign. The third sign is at the turn, switching the order of the signs, and then the last (which should have a white background) is on Scudders Mill Rd. at Schalks Crossing Rd. The yellow signs are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Westbound Plainsboro Road, CR 614, is turning into Scudders Mill Rd. and must get out of the way (Scudders Mill Rd. bypasses downtown Plainsboro), but the sign isn't up to snuff. Courtesy Lou Corsaro.

The opposite way, CR 614 EB finds Plainsboro the right and becomes it ahead.

I tried to pluck a rusty Plainsboro Road sign out of the rough. It's on the westbound side west of the next photo.

EB at CR 535, where the shields and banners were not talking to each other when they were put up.

CR 614 WB (Prospect Plains Rd.), courtesy Lou Corsaro.

This is SB on Main St. (Middlesex CR 614 WB), also from Lou, facing the intersection where CR 535 turns from Plainsboro Rd. to the east to Main St. to the south. This signage is obviously county-installed and quite a bit newer than the white signs above, but still fairly old. After having a short multiplex with CR 614 (heading southwest from the photo atop this page), CR 535 meets 614 again here, and the two routes bump.

CR 614 leaves US 130 as Main St. to Cranbury - it's old 130 until it trades places with CR 535. I have a closeup of the 4R11 sign on the US 130 page, so take a hint and click over there.

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