New Jersey Roads - Middlesex CR 613

A rare begin sign, then north past the end of Texas Road (WB), which becomes CR 520 to the east. The 613 half of the assembly is new and has directional letters inside the arrows.

Old and new signs NB at the beginning of a short duplex (to the right) in Spotswood, coming from Spotswood-Englishtown Road. Because I have the old photo, it's quite obvious that the shields in the second photo are brand new, so what could possibly make the first and last digits a different color?

CR 613 SB, Summerhill Rd., at the other end of the duplex, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

On the duplex itself, not that you could tell. At least you know what town you're in.

And just like that, CR 613 ends the way it began, with a specific assembly denoting the fact.

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