New Jersey Roads - Burlington CR 612

Can CR 612 make up its mind? Yes - it's east-west until Bridge Rd. ends at Eayrestown Rd., and then it's north-south up to Mount Holly. Not ideal. CR 641 is Landing St., and goes to these populated places in Lumberton and Southampton Townships. Though correct, the "village" words seem unnecessary, especially since this is where to turn for Lumberton or Vincentown in general, village or otherwise. Also, the directions should not be on banners.

Continuing north, am I suddenly on NJ 38? No, I am not. I am junctioning it, though that only takes the top blank sign and doesn't explain the bottom one. The answer is that Eayrestown was converted into a right-turn only at 38 and all traffic is supposed to turn right on a quasi-jughandle to cross or turn on 38, so this should be a right arrow onto the jughandle. It effectively turns 612 into a bastardized circle, allowing both directions to go at the same time without conflicting left turns, thus giving NJ 38 more of the precious green signal time it loves.

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