New Jersey Roads - Mercer CR 612/old NJ 31

Mercer CR 612, former NJ 31

Just after Woodsville Rd. leaves NJ 31, before it even has a chance to enter Mercer County and gain a route number, it crosses this undated but clearly old bridge. The left side is in East Amwell and the right side is in West Amwell, since the boundary follows the original route of 31.

Looking back northwest at the East Amwell parapet.

Inside Mercer County, Woodsville Rd. is now Marshalls Corner-Woodsville Rd.

Formerly EB and WB at CR 518, courtesy Doug Kerr. The reason these state-issue signs were at a county-route intersection is because NJ 31 once came this way. Unfortunately, they seem to have disappeared before I could get my own photos, perhaps because a certain DOT reads my website.

EB at the end of the road; old NJ 31 continued right, and old CR 518 Spur headed left. There is no weight limit to the right (south), and to the left, as you can see by clicking the 654 link below, it was a lot less than 8 tons at this moment.

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