New Jersey Roads - Essex/Morris CR 611

Essex/Morris CR 611, Eagle Rock Ave.

From the beautiful gardens of Ravello Catering, out to the front of the establishment at River Road with a modern but embossed sign.

Some older signs at River Road; the street sign is newer and embossed, while the two LGS's are older and flat (and non-reflective), top and bottom of the same post. Rt. 46 is straight ahead westbound, and Rt. 10 is down River Road.

Across the northern side of the Eagle Rock Ave. bridge across the Passaic River, luckily constructed in the days of green tile insets.

Back from Essex to Morris County on the southern side of the bridge. I think it's neat that each county stamped its own two sides of the parapets - obviously there was a great spirit of cooperation in constructing the bridge.

This sign, sadly since replaced, was eastbound at Eisenhower Parkway and probably predates the 1970 completion of I-280, since 280 is just to the north but is not mentioned at all. In fact, it probably predates Eisenhower Parkway itself, from the days when Beaufort Avenue didn't dead-end at the Roseland border, but ran from Eagle Rock at this intersection to NJ 10 and Northfield Road at the Livingston Circle. So maybe it was time to go after all.

Embossed signs in Roseland on Lincoln St., immediately upon turning from Eagle Rock Ave.

Westbound between Livingston and Roseland Aves. in downtown Roseland, and it should also be CR 527 SB.

The same problem EB, preceded by a one-piece NLT sign for Cortlandt St. It and Lincoln St. had both been popular cut-throughs to Harrison Ave. for through traffic to Passaic Ave., but in the middle of the 2000's Roseland restricted left turns at Eagle Rock Ave. and added speed humps. It's still a cut-through in the NB direction, but more limited in utility.

In a twist on the standard street sign, West Orange uses a trapezoidal frame, large end up, and sticks sign blades into them. West Orange is now using white on green inserts in its trapezoidal signs instead of black on white.

Older sign EB at Pleasant Valley Way, CR 636.

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