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Union County

While on North Ave. and the north side of the tracks in Westfield, CR 610 EB comes to the mismarked south end of CR 509. CR 509 did once extend to the south via Broad St. to Martine Ave., but it hasn't in many years. CR 610 EB ducks under the tracks with NJ 28 WB to go from North to South (Avenues) with a strange one-off circle sign that's new to the roundabout (not circle) that's there now.

Not pictured here is that CR 610 WB turns left to leave NJ 28 EB. The most interesting part of this photo is the Goethals Bridge sign, a unique in-kind replacement of the classic Port Authority wayfinding signs.

CR 610 EB at Lincoln Ave., which seems unremarkable, but this is an NJDOT traffic signal at the south end of formerly unsigned NJ 59. This sign predates the decision to add route shields to overheads, though in NJDOT's defense, it's on the town-maintained side of the intersection.

Looking north along Walnut Ave. from South Ave. (610) in Cranford.

Typical ugly overhead Union County shield, this one on Centennial Ave. SB.

CR 610 WB leaves Roselle on 1st Ave. under one railroad and across another, and I don't know which structure is older.

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