New Jersey Roads - Essex CR 608

Essex CR 608, Hobart Gap Rd.

Hobart Gap Rd. through Millburn, becoming E. Hobart Gap Rd. in Livingston, was one of the original two Spur CR 527's (the other is Somerset CR 651 and CR 613). I say "was", and that verb tense is a key point for this page. W. Hobart Gap Rd. in Livingston also is part of this page, and it has a different claim - the original routing of Northfield Rd. (CR 508 now follows that to Livingston Circle on a newer alignment).

CR 608 EB ending at NJ 124; NJ 24 EB is reached by crossing the freeway and turning left on 124 EB. (124 is the frontage roads for 24, one of three times in New Jersey one route is another one's frontage roads - can you name the other two?)

Just north of NJ 24 is one of the last embossed CR shields left in the state. Possibly THE last, the way they've been going. Steal it for me, please? I prefer to remain legal, myself, but this sign does no one else any good where it is. (If I say where, someone will remove it, but I'll answer if you ask nicely.) Click on either photo for a closeup.

Regardless of validity, Essex County has signed Spur CR 527 as well as Spur CR 577 on their former routes (Spur 577 should now be 677). CR 649 has a solid hold on the rest of Spur 527 (right up to 527 itself at Cedar St.), so Essex is clearly in the wrong.

EB W. Hobart Gap Rd., and WB E. Hobart Gap Rd., just to confuse you. To the south is JFK Parkway, an expressway to the Short Hills Mall, and to the north is Livingston Avenue, where Spur CR 527 once turned from E. Hobart Gap Rd. Now, CR 608 crosses CR 649 with nary a peep from either. These signs probably date to the construction of JFK Parkway, so Spur 527 was still in existence for many years after these signs were erected. The WB sign is quite far away from the traffic light (at least a quarter mile), which is why it reminds you to TURN AT SIGNAL - though just putting it much closer would be even more functional.

WB past CR 649, not an old sign but an old style, and Hobart Gap Road only ever had two WB lanes, not three.

Two of the three corners of the Y that is Walnut Ave. (CR 607) and W. Hobart Gap Rd. (CR 608). First photo is CR 608 WB, where the straight arrow is really more of a bear-right onto CR 607 NB, and the second is in the reverse direction (607 SB, with the straight arrow a bear-left onto 608 EB). I believe these signs are now gone, and I also believe the northbound sign was gone several years before these, if there ever even was one. NJ 24 is reached via JFK Parkway, which is probably what the signs refer to - also possible is that CR 607 ends at Madison Ave., now NJ 124 but also the original NJ 24 before the completion of the freeway in the 1990's. The difference between ending up at JFK Pkwy. or 124 resides in whether you continue straight at (and onto) Parsonage Hill Rd., or turn right and continue on Passaic Ave./CR 607. When these Essex County-standard signs had been erected, both were valid.

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