New Jersey Roads - Gloucester CR 603

SB through a five-way intersection in Barnsboro, and the northern end of CR 609. Within three years of this photo, a new curve was constructed to bring 609 into 603 south of here, turning this into a boring but easier to control four-way signal.

NB past there into Sewell, where you might guess there was a former railroad station. Barnsboro and Sewell are both part of Mantua Township, with individual identities despite being less than a mile apart.

Patches are the order of the day as I continue north. The route actually heads more east than north, so I can understand the confusion, but it's pretty consistently signed with just the occasional outlier. Just add another patch.

SB in the same spot, crossing Mantua Creek.

If I continue straight without thinking, I end up forced onto NJ 47 SB even though I can see CR 603 continuing just across the way. This was once a six-way intersection, where NJ 47 turns and NJ 41 and CR 630 both begin as a result. Since a state highway isn't going to be routed around jughandles and behind buildings, CR 603 drew the short straw. You have to turn left toward all of the destinations to continue straight. (Five ways to turn, five destinations, but that's too many for one sign.)

The western sextant connector is the CR 603 SB mainline, and as I noted, there's some directional confusion afoot. Besides that, this sign does nothing because it's located at a curve with no choice of where to turn, and in fact is counterproductive because traffic has to make a right to continue west south.

Even more confusing, CR 603 SB at CR 630 and CR 630 SB at CR 603, simultaneously. Never mind that they have the same digits, that's the least of the issues here. The one-way sign is telling traffic not to turn right and head the wrong way up the NJ 47 jughandle. (Interestingly, it's a right-turn jughandle, because left turns are allowed at the light - this is for NJ 47 traffic to CR 603 or, less likely, CR 630.) The CR 635 sign, despite being mounted flush with the one-way sign, seems to be telling traffic that following the one-way arrow onto CR 603 will lead to CR 635 in about a mile. I'd like to believe that, anyway, because the other explanation is that someone mounted the sign at the wrong intersection, and I would completely buy that. The last sign continues straight on CR 630 and is the only one I'm okay with.

CR 630 NB comes to an end. Although CR 603 SB (or WB, whichever you like at this point) is heading this way, the "TO" is correct for once, because 603 is not defined on the concurrency.

This curve takes CR 603 away from CR 630 and back onto its rightful alignment, and the age of the sign probably matches the age of the realignment. Notice the fourth directional error on this page - unless the equal number of Souths and Norths are in error. The SLD's say it's east-west, but those are just as likely to be wrong as right when it comes to county routes.

SB past one of Cthulhu's minions at Primrose Dr.

NB and SB at the same intersection.

Why exactly did someone come back and separate the arrows on the NB sign?

NB and SB once more, now at the end of the route and Blackwood Lake. Camden County is just to the east.

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