New Jersey Roads - Middlesex CR 602

EB on Maple Ave.

Continuing EB into Colonia.

EB and WB respectively on Roosevelt Ave. at Turnpike Exit 12, two of the last three signs with green button copy but both have been removed. The WB sign is courtesy HNTB Corporation. The only other left now is on the Meadowlands access road paralleling NJ 3 EB at Exit 16W. Roosevelt Ave. is a discontiguous section of CR 602, which doesn't exist within the limits of Woodbridge. It's entirely possible that the reason is a lack of a connecting road between Inman Ave. and Roosevelt Ave.

Not button copy, but there was a left turn here until recently thanks to a developer's dream that went unfulfilled. Exit 12 T-ed at a half-baked intersection, and this sign is for traffic from CR 602 that is really forced left. New construction is making this interchange more directional, adding ramps and access points.

I dare you to slow down enough to read that first sign as you enter the Turnpike.

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