New Jersey Roads - Somerset CR 601

All SB, all rather old. The shield atop the page fits into the middle.

A little over 3 years later, I got a clearer photo of a much more faded welcome sign.

Speaking of fading, this is NB on a signal mast arm.

NB at the north end of the route, US 206. In January 2011, the new railroad bridge was under construction, and CR 601 still met US 206 at a "stop" on the west side of the railroad. You can see blinkers in the background of the last photo guiding US 206 around the sharp curve to cross the railroad; until then, CR 601 was a straight shot off 206 and an intuitive bypass of Princeton. Now, the new bridge is open, the old one is gone, the curve is gentler, CR 601 meets 206 over the railroad at a signal, and not only is it less intuitive (requiring a turn instead of continuing straight on 206), but it's not even a great NB bypass because the signal waits too long to turn green.

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