New Jersey Roads - Monmouth CR 6/6-A

Monmouth CR 6 and 6-A

Broadway in Keyport, CR 6, NB leaving NJ 35 NB.

Front St., CR 6, EB at Broadway, CR 6. Yes, you're seeing that correctly. All three legs of this intersection are CR 6 and reassurance shields are even posted in all three directions. This is when spur routes or, heck, additional route numbers (there are plenty to spare) become helpful. How can the county not see this as a problem?

Amboy Rd. EB leading up to that tri-point, but first it has to cross Matawan Creek. The bridge isn't under construction, so the AHEAD should be yellow, not orange. And the 1/2 MILE sign should, you know, pick a color and stick with it.

Cliffwood Ave. enters Monmouth County at the Garden State Parkway, where you find the circle that's anyone's guess (but probably not a public sign) and continues to NJ 35. Along the way is the hyphenated shield, courtesy Scott Colbert. Because it's discontiguous from CR 6, this is numbered 6-A. I'd rather this be numbered 6 and jog a block south on 35 to Amboy Ave., and let Broadway be numbered 6-A.

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