New Jersey Roads - CR 581

All photos except the one above happen to be in Alloway. That's just where the cool things are.

Actually, as the sign indicates, this one is just outside Alloway, but the border is much less than a mile away. This is at the northern end of Burden Hill Rd.

Very orangey detour shield for a road closure that never materialized - the barricades were there warning of imminent doom, but then the road remained open all the way south, albeit with more than the usual allowance of bumps. Also unique is the E↔W on the signal overhead, at least in New Jersey. The cross street is CR 540.

Back in the 1930's, Salem County just didn't do its own work. AAA erected the NB directional signage here at CR 611, and then the curb copies state highway specifications on the 581 NB - 611 EB ramp. This detail shows that every fourth ridge was larger - I'm sure there's some Art Deco reason.

The first of two crossings of the Alloway Creek, this one immediately north of the CR 611 split at the south end of Alloway Lake. Red or yellow paint are common ways to mark ends of bridge parapets in southern NJ counties, which emulated the state style of bridge when they were built. Northern counties tended to use metal bridges or other styles without as dangerous an approach. NJDOT also uses a more aggressive guiderail profile at the remaining bridges from this era, running it around the parapet instead of into it.

Before you can ask "What era is that, Yogi?", here are clearer closeups of either end of the short bridge. The guiderail just abruptly terminates, meaning that if an out-of-control car were to strike it just shy of the parapet, the driver had better know how to swim. This also doesn't appear to be a very robust guiderail style to begin with.

Stockington Rd.'s NB end at CR 581, courtesy Scott Sullivan.

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