New Jersey Roads - CR 575

CR 575

In the first photo, the 575 shield is new and has the wrong font - compare the 5's. In the second photo, Truck 559 turns left at a South Jersey multiplex sign - there are a few of these on county roads in a few different counties.

Return of the font from hell!

Last northbound photo on this page, CR 575 turns left here - there are already more than enough routes, judging from the height of the sign.

SB just east of the 40/322 merge, courtesy Scott Colbert, at the northwestern end of the long triplex. Together, the widths of the two US 322 shields add up to 60", but obviously they're not each 30". A standard 3dus shield is 24"x30", or 36"x48" in a curious lack of ratio preservation, but the first one is clearly 24"x24", and the second looks to be 24"x36", a more and more common mistake it seems.

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