New Jersey Roads - Bergen CR 57

Highland Ave. EB at CR 57 in Wood-Ridge, then at the northern (Boulevard) leg of the Passaic Ave. (CR 38) traffic circle a town to the north in Hasbrouck Heights.

SB at Charlton Ave., still in Hasbrouck Heights. Click for closeup.

NB and SB at US 46. I bet the contractor swapped this shield with the US 4 shield on River Rd. (CR 41/17) in Teaneck.

Continuing NB to the next town. One of these shields gets it right, the other is wrong. I report, you decide.

The SB face of the town line sign gets its own shield. This doesn't always happen.

NB way above I-80 and just a normal distance above NJ 17. These NJDOT signs, or at least the overhead, date to when I-80 was forced through here, splitting the NB side of NJ 17 well apart from the original SB side (still intact where it was before that time). Summit Ave. (yep, CR 57) just happens to cross that elongated half-interchange right where NJ 17 NB has to get over I-80, so you get a three-level stack, which is rare in NJ. There's no access between CR 57 and I-80, and there is only access between 80 and 17 in the parallel directions for their half-mile together. To go between north/west or south/east from an Interstate freeway to a Jersey freeway (driveways but no signalized intersections), one must use surface streets (signalized intersections galore). I have only just learned that the "S" is upside-down, but now you can't unsee it.

More old signs heading SB from that NJ 17 interchange.

NB across a railroad just south of Central Ave., CR 44 (location of the shield atop the page).

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