New Jersey Roads - CR 569

CR 569

Taped-together sign, southbound at CR 583. CR 569 has a wrong-way duplex to the left, then turns to end at CR 533.

Northbound at another short wrong-way multiplex, and another old sign.

The NB shield above is just to the right in this southbound photo of a nicely repainted pony truss. My favorite color!

SB at the other end of that short duplex. The state put a few of those half-size shields in its street signs along US 206 south of Princeton, and... nah, really doesn't work, since you can't read it from a reasonable distance. (I took this photo from about 30' away, maybe even closer. Can you read the shield?)

NB and SB, old-style park shields with a unique type of arrow.

Looking west at Cold Soil Road, repainted county embossed signs (they were originally black on white). Hey, far better than replacing the signs. I believe the Cold Soil Road is new, but the signs and the lamppost date to the 1920's. I don't think this was ever a four-way intersection, so the signs are in fact entirely useless - there are no counterparts facing eastbound traffic, and all CR 569 traffic gets is the street name on top. Click for a closeup from a different perspective.

Not quite as old, SB in Elm Ridge.

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