New Jersey Roads - CR 567

CR 567 SB - why the white banners for blue shields?

SB at Elm St. in Neshanic Station. I have a ton more photos of this delicate bridge on its own page, linked at bottom.

Looking west on Chubb Way where CR 567 makes a pass at US 202. CR 646 is only half a mile long, but the "JCT" should be a lot closer than a half mile to the actual junction. "TO" would be more appropriate, as would an aligned shield.

The 1886 Nevius Street or Raritan Bridge is sandwiched between these two historic buildings on its north side. It was CR 567 until 2005, at which point it was rehabilitated to connect pedestrians to the Raritan River Greenway. The buildings pump and filter river water - or maybe past tense, because Raritan is a lot lighter on heavy industry now.

The NB and SB faces of a moderately helpful historical sign, which is all good except it doesn't give you the 1886 date.

Walking south across the Raritan River. You can see how this tied straight into CR 567 to the south. CR 567 had to jog over a block on Somerset St. to get to 1st Ave. to the north.

Archistructural details. It's my new word. Use it.

Looking west at the current CR 567 bridge on Lyman St.

Looking north at the bridge, but instead of crossing it, I walk west along the river for side views.

Closing out my bridge visit with more views of the water treatment castle from the south shore.

Heading south from US 202.

CR 567 continues as 1st Ave. to its end in Raritan.

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