New Jersey Roads - CR 563

Above: the most blatant recycled shield yet, courtesy Scott Colbert - I wonder why the corners appear dark blue, as if something covered them in a pointy shape for years?

In Margate City, where I'd guess this is a city-erected sign.

Non-cutout shields with two different backgrounds and two different vertical alignments, both southbound, both east of US 40/322. The CR 662 shield at Zion Rd. is still there a year later in 2007.

Current, permanent signage, SB and NB respectively. I prefer the old shield to the bright green LGS.

Crossing US 9 in the southbound direction. Yes, SOUTH. Among the worse errors, since this one will legitimately confuse unfamiliar drivers.

Atlantic County has trouble applying paint - I would hazard to guess this isn't NJDOT work, SB near Northfield courtesy Scott Colbert.

Strangely mounted assembly, NB at US 40/322 courtesy Scott Colbert. Most ACE assemblies are strange, come to think of it. Incidentally, CR 563 multiplexes with US 40/322 for a little while to the north and west, and during that multiplex, the Black Horse Pike is named Tilton Road, which is the name of 563. Black Horse Pike resumes east of the multiplex, and I don't know what to make of that.

Starting at the western leg, and rotating around to the northern leg, of the CR 563/CR 646 circle just north of US 40/322. If you know your directions, the southern and northern legs' photos are mine. I don't know why both CR 646 WB and CR 563 SB point to US 40/322 - 563 should be to EAST (though all the destinations are), and 646 should be to WEST (so Atlantic City doesn't fit). In addition to the amusing multiplex shields, Atlantic County did a very shoddy assembly job.

A few years later, the circle had been reconstructed to punch Delilah Rd. (CR 646) through the middle. I don't know the traffic patterns, so I can't say what the best answer would have been for traffic, but it probably wasn't "reuse the poorly design old signs." Signs start SB, and I'm heading NB by the last photo.

NB on US 30 WB courtesy Lou Corsaro. Can I forgive temporary shields not using the county name and not being cut out? Not really, but the biggest error is not signing the second shield as "END DETOUR NORTH 563."

Both southbound, one beautiful, one horrible. Atlantic County has done the trifecta of wrong - wrong font, overly bright background, and non-reflective lettering. No comment on shortening "ALTERNATE" to "ALT."

Yes, New Jersey has areas of beautiful isolation. This one is facing southward across the Mullica River.

SB courtesy Scott Colbert.

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