New Jersey Roads - CR 561A-D

CR 561A-D

This is a unique page for a unique route. CR 561 is the only route in New Jersey that bypasses itself twice. (One could argue that NJ 7 passes itself by once, which is why I'm so specific.) The first bypassed piece, officially CR 561C and in the straight line diagrams as 561-3, is an old alignment of the CR 561/NJ 73 duplex at CR 536 in Cedar Brook. Even though CR 561 follows the newer alignment across the railroad tracks on an overpass, the old alignment is still officially part of the route. CR 561A, 561B, and 561D (for the life of me, I don't know why the letters weren't assigned more logically) are three pieces of CR 561 through Gibbsboro. The reason there are three pieces is that the original short multiplexes with CR 6686 and CR 699 have been deleted, leaving drivers to jog around Silver Lake with no help should they attempt to follow the old route. Well, not quite no help, as you'll see.

Facing south on CR 561D at the southern end of Berlin Rd., which once went straight to Berlin without interruption. For added punishment, the new bypass is called Haddonfield-Berlin Rd., whereas the two pieces exiting Gibbsboro are Haddon Ave. and the aforementioned Berlin Rd. It's fitting that the pieces cut away from the mainline are named as if they don't connect two towns.

Facing north from the cul-de-sac. Absolutely no northbound traffic would see this assembly, but the street sign gives away that this highway-spec brown sign is really meant for bicycle traffic.

CR 699 NB with proof that these pieces are still part of CR 561.

Facing SB from the next piece, CR 561B, this blue mileage sign looks awfully non-standard - you would never see 1.0 on a legitimate sign - but it's for bicycles (again) so we can let it slide.

Three ducklings following the mother, fine, that's a standard sign. But you definitely have to warn drivers about the fliers. I mean, sure, you're not going to hit little Skeeter up there, but if he's old enough to aim, he'll be hitting you. Steer clear of the ducks.

CR 686 SB, the sign that helped me more than any other to determine the fate of these pieces of original CR 561.

The only sign left dating to original 561, showing the SB jog onto Foster Ave. and the destinations along CR 686.

And finally, one SB from the rogue CR 561C, completely unsigned. Making a left here requires another left to get onto NJ 73, and it may make more sense to U-turn to CR 536 instead of trying to slip through 55 MPH traffic. Not making a left here leads straight onto NJ 73/CR 561 SB.

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