New Jersey Roads - CR 561

CR 561 parallels east-west routes, but is signed north-south. Signs on this page are northbound unless otherwise indicated.

At Pitney Rd.; tiny shield on a street sign where E. Great Creek Road merges into 561 in Galloway; CR 561 leaves Jim Leeds Rd. in Pinehurst at an unusual-for-New Jersey junction LGS to turn onto Duerer St. The second and third photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Ugly pointy shields, with the first two at Cologne Ave. near Germania (yes, the land of German street names) and the second two at Bremen Ave. in the same general area but nearing Egg Harbor City. The ones that aren't standalone 561 shields are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Standard ACE assembly with upper round arrow at CR 563; old LGS with odd but effective abbreviation for Township at CR 623 in Elwood; another LGS with bad spacing (top- and bottom-justification work poorly when signs are different sizes).

Into Hammonton now, this old nonreflective sign is on the southbound side but faces sideways.

Prickly sign at N. Chew Rd. on the western side of Hammonton, courtesy Lou Corsaro; yet another junction LGS with a thick font joins a strangely (and strange) all-text sign at the northern end of CR 559; text size mistake.

Northbound and southbound, respectively, at the southern end of NJ 143 and the northern end of CR 726. No, 726 doesn't continue here, even though signs both new and old say it does. The old one (southbound) is courtesy Scott Colbert, and I believe has now been replaced with a new one looking like the first sign.

A larger photo of the NB shield and the SB advance shield, both courtesy Barry Caselli.

Same vicinity courtesy Scott Colbert, this looks different than other old signs, almost as if it were a CT state route shield. It also was posted in the wrong direction, southbound.

Old yellow sign courtesy Lou Corsaro; old green sign courtesy me. It's interesting that only NJ 73 SOUTH is mentioned here, because the road to the south is or was also Spur CR 561 (a route that either completely shadows NJ 73 now or has been decommissioned, thanks to a 73 extension). To the north, CR 561 and NJ 73 multiplex.

Leaving the multiplex, at Franklin Ave. which walls in the west side of Berlin. Sorry, I had to make a Berlin Wall pun on one route that visits that town.

This abnormal sign is the last SB photo on the page, at the old alignment through Gibbsboro that is now broken up into CR 561A-D (visit the link at the bottom of the page to find out more about that). CR 561, unlike every other route in the state, doesn't let its old pieces go when they're bypassed.

This old train sign with the Mayan station symbol (really, what is that?) is at Somerdale Rd. (CR 678), which is the first left at the intersection, but the station is really on Evesham Rd., the second left (and the cross street - Somerdale ends here).

I don't care what direction the route actually goes, 561 is a north-south number so CR 561 is a north-south route. Nowhere does it go closer to actual north-south than in Camden County, making this assembly especially egregious. I'd be more inclined to forgive it in Atlantic County, where CR 561 NB actually crosses to the south side of US 30, an east-west highway.

Now through Haddonfield, which appears to be the only place that county routes get white over head signs - so are they town or county erected? One thing's for sure, they're not state erected, or else CR 573 would also (or only) be signed as NJ 41. The Tanner St. arrow points the correct way, but would be better off not hand-drawn.

It's a new street sign, but as long as they're still cast in relief, I'm happy to support them.

Past CR 612 (Browning Rd.), some concrete tides you over for a few hundred feet until the US 130 onramp with its faded 1960's non-reflective LGS. Following US 130 to Philadelphia (via US 30) is probably faster than going straight to I-676, and has the added advantage of not taking you into America's least safe city (Camden is consistently in the bottom 3, and has won the "award" plenty of times).

Typical Camden route signage, nearing the end of Haddon Ave. and CR 561 NB, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

SB signage from the beginning of the route (starting at Market St./CR 537 WB) where 7th St. becomes Haddon Ave. and CR 561, up to former Mickle (now M.L.K.) Blvd.

Fairly new county- or more likely city-erected sign, and then old white overhead lane assignment sign, northbound at Mickle Blvd. (former NJ 151) and then Federal St. (CR 537 EB), at the end of CR 561 in Camden.

CR 561A-D in Gibbsboro
Alt. CR 561

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