New Jersey Roads - Alt. CR 559

"Alternate" is an old banner that has gone out of fashion due to being difficult to read with its small, squished letters. "Alt" is the new standard, but CR 559 enjoys switching between them. "Alt South 559" is incorrect - this isn't an alternate route to CR 559 South, it's the southbound route designated as Alternate CR 559.

Bethel Rd. NW-bound in the Somers Point area. The two routes come together at such a slight angle that I got this head-on shot while driving westward on Alt. CR 559.

Another one in the Alternate camp (SB).

These specimens on CR 615 WB and EB are clearly older. Truck CR 559, an unofficial route but well-signed, turns between CR 615 to the west and Alt. CR 559 to the south.

An option I didn't mention was to omit mention of the Alt. banner entirely. It's not a good option, though. Why even bother having the CR 559 shield on here at all? It's just a simple junction and the road continues straight.

Old beach sign below the first reassurance on the route and the first major junction, both SB. I've seen somewhat new replicas of the beach sign, so perhaps they're still being made - but by whom?

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