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CR 559

CR 559 "splits" here, and its alter ego can't decide between Alternate and Alt. "Alternate" is definitely the older variant, and since it has been excised from the MUTCD, I wouldn't expect to see any new examples. I just don't ever want to see "Hgts" again.

SB in Mays Landing, courtesy Scott Colbert. US 40 gets the spiffy new arrows NJDOT and some counties are trying out, but NJ 50 somehow misses out. No shield left behind!

NB in the same spot, but the church itself is shown on the NJ 50 page (linked below).

At the other end of the multiplex, with one of those annoying county shields that doesn't name the county.

Old and new SB signs in the same spot, first (old) photo courtesy Scott Colbert. I much prefer it to the new, don't you?

LGS assembly (it's the correct colors, just this county green reflects like it's blue), SB at Old Harding Highway (old US 40) just outside Mays Landing. There are no trucks allowed through Mays Landing, so the truck route should really point to the right on CR 606. That also removes the comment I would otherwise have about the necessity of signing a truck route in the same direction as the regular route.

NB across a pony truss just north of US 322, then at a very uglily signed split just to the north. (It's a word, just like funnily.)

Scratched-up and NB.

CR 559's rotary beginning on NJ 52
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Truck CR 559 on CR 575

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