New Jersey Roads - CR 557

Saving the best for first.

Short duplex, but long enough for me to have a photo of it.

NJ 50/CR 557 duplex SB at the southern end and NB at the northern end, respectively. I wonder how many trucks follow CR 664.

NB along that duplex courtesy Lou Corsaro, but with no sign of NJ 50. I didn't know the state got into the ugly junction LGS business.

The (northbound) shield looks fine, but the LGS needs a lot of help. This is the worst sign at the intersection; to see better ones, visit the CR 552 page linked below.

I believe these were at two consecutive intersections, along the straight section of CR 557 alongside railroad tracks in Dorothy. Each minor street from 10th to 14th Ave., including CR 669 on 11th Ave. and Miller Ave. between 12th and 13th, gets to cross the railroad and has a chance to have an old sign. Except for Miller, all of these streets also get to cross Atlantic CR 666. The first sign faces east from 557, and the second sign faces west toward 557.

CR 557 NB turns left here, and yes it's signed well enough, but US 40 needs to be signed better, i.e. as a US route.

The type of junction sign I can live with (since it has unusual white-background shields on it), and a more thoroughly correct assembly as CR 557 NB ends. You can also see CR 555's northbound signage in the background.

US 40 with CR 557 duplex photos

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