New Jersey Roads - CR 555

CR 555 SB at its end, with another replaced number in Cumberland County and a Cumberland-style guide sign, courtesy Scott Colbert. The way these shields get traded around, I think the county could have saved a ton on patches just by keeping the shields on their original routes. If you're replacing signs that can still be used on other routes, why replace them at all?

NB at the bump with CR 610, and then on opposite directions of the cross street - CR 555 SB and CR 610 EB. That's where the 1930's/1940's AAA sign comes in. It does save Cumberland County money on new signs, since these appear to last forever, but they're about 12"x18", which is at best 1/3 the size of modern guide signs - and don't forget the room taken up by the logo. So if you're actually traveling at speed, you don't have a prayer of using these signs to get where you're going. Click on the last photo for a closeup that pretends to have non-trivial-sized letters.

Just three blocks to the north in Millville, CR 555 starts the NJ 49 duplex for another five blocks. But what county is this CR in?

In this overhead sign, still in Millville, now the word "COUNTY" has even disappeared.

One of the greatest sign finds in the city is right at the L St. corner. The street sign is just a block behind. The CR 555 face in the first photo is courtesy Scott Sullivan. I don't know why I only got the L St. EB face, which doesn't help anyone because it's exiting the inspection station.

NB past yet another number patch to the end of a short duplex with - you guessed it - a patched 0. Maybe the county just makes signs with two digits filled in, stores them away, and patches on the third digit when it's time to pick a route for the sign.

Maybe this is why so many shields are patched. Either one digit is a different size from the others, or one somehow fades faster. Funny how no other county seems to have either problem. No other county has its original JCT banners around, either.

NB across the county line to a new type of non-cutout - white instead of yellow squares.

I've seen plenty of the old county squares still in use in Camden County, but here are two of the only Gloucester examples. They're no longer serving their intended purpose, but the original ink seems to be doing better than the patches intended to hide it.

That's it for the NB photos. That's Sykes Lane, not S K. S LANc.

SB at CR 654, but not CR 689. The sign assembly is several years old, and the issue becomes apparent as I look right and left from the intersection and see the cut-off remnants of former CR 689 on both sides. CR 689 now bypasses this former six-way intersection known as Cross Keys.

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