New Jersey Roads - CR 554

CR 554

It looks like... the 3 is peeling off to uncover a 3! Maybe all this time, the patches on county shields all over my site are really just covering up the same numeral! Your tax dollars at work... except that's actually a 5 peeling off. Oh, well. Thanks for ruining my fun, Scott (and for giving me the photo, seriously).

Coming out of a shopping center, another Scott Colbert photo. I bet exactly zero people call it "Route 554."

The ugly shield was taken by Lou Corsaro, and then I give you a patch job that appears to be over 534 yet again. How did CR 534 end up with so many extra signs, anyway? And CR 534 isn't even in Ocean County! Well, as it turns out, these signs have always been here. Until the 1980's, this was the eastern CR 534, but environmental considerations (called the Pinelands) prevented the two routes from ever linking up. So the two on this page predate the renumbering and were patched instead of completely recycled.

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